Montréal Signs Project

Montréal Signs Project

The Montréal Signs Project is an amazing organization that salvages vintage Montreal signage and gives it a new home in the hallways of Concordia University. Being a huge fan of vintage signage I was ecstatic when they asked me to redesign their branding.

The first thing that strikes you about the MSP’s sign collection is the physicality: the scale, the materials, the rust and textures. I knew this was something I would like to incorporate into the artwork somehow.

I created a ‘sign’ that would serve as the new logo. The sign references materials featured throughout their collection such as metal, and neon lighting. The lettering is developed from scratch and is based upon styles commonly found in vintage signage.

A tricky aspect of the project was that the same image had to work in English and French. This required some tailoring of both the sign and the lettering to accomodate. I provided a series of classic signage colour schemes for them so that could mix at match at will.

  • Signs3A
  • MSPAllColours