Gary Chongo

Gary Chongo

I was commissioned by CUZ Brand Skateboards to design a new skateboard and t-shirt. I have been an avid skater since I was a kid and wanted to do something special for my first time designing a skateboard.

Taking influence from documentaries and podcasts about missing persons, I created a campaign about a jock named Gary Chongo who has gone missing. In addition to the products I designed, I created a series of videos where Gary’s loved ones phone in to share memories about him and his last whereabouts.

I put missing flyers up all over the city and released the videos one day at a time leading up to the release of the new products. This created a special interactive experience for our audience and had people returning daily to see what this story was leading up to. This series features custom lettering, illustrations, and videography created by me.

Following the success of this release I was asked to join CUZ as art director. I now handle design from concept to production for all boards and clothing.

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